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Meet Our Ambassadors




Chani is a nutrition coach, speaker, blogger & vlogger, podcaster, and mentor for thousands of women around the world. Chani started out as a registered nurse who specialised in anaesthetics & quickly realised her health and happiness change when she implemented certain modalities into her life and way of living.

Chani helps tens of thousands of people around the globe cultivate health, wealth & abundance in a fun and holistic way.




Giaan Rooney’s memorable smile, natural beauty and ability to engage are almost trumped by her enormous energy for work. An adept speaker and presenter, Giaan is a person of enormous talent and professionalism.

As a former darling of Australian Swimming, Giaan Rooney holds medals at every level of competition, including an Olympic Gold. In 2006, Giaan retired from swimming to forge a successful career as an Australian TV presenter.




Lauren is a Life and Mindset Coach, Author, Blogger, Speaker and Mentor for thousands of women around the world who want to create a ‘Life Above Zero’. Lauren holds a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours and is an International accredited Neurolinguistic Practitioner. Lauren started in Child Protection and she soon realised she wanted to empower families, especially women with the education, awareness and support to create a life they loved filled with health, wealth and abundance earlier in life.




Kira is one of the world’s top income earners in our profession and is pioneering an empowered women’s movement to inspire women to take their power their back through health, self worth and financial independence.

Her journey from a shy, financially fearful and introverted mother who felt like she had lost her voice to a global entrepreneur who presents on stages in front of tens of thousands of people is simply mind-blowing.