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The Mermaid ~ Black

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Those born with Mermaid imprinted on their soul feel at one with nature. They see the wonders of the world with an appreciative eye. The Mermaid constantly interacts and exchanges various feelings with others including joy, peace, and liveliness. The Mermaid’s language of love is an affirmation.  Greed doesn’t really measure in the mind of the Mermaid. They do not seek to possess others, but rather walk with them in mutual goals and dreams. The Mermaid’s inner child is strong and very active.

Mermaids symbolize independence and individuality: Like the wild waters they make their homes in, mermaids are ever-moving and refuse to be contained. These headstrong creatures crave the freedom that the sea provides, swimming where they please, whenever they choose. Their fierce independence and refusal to conform are combined with a headstrong personality. Mermaids hold steadfastly to their values and won’t compromise when it comes to how they live their lives.


36.5cm x 24cm

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